Maintaining 43 in the Single Lane

Monday, April 02, 2007

Interview With Jerone L. Davison

TWHS: When it comes to writing, the age-old adage is write what you know. What is your level of expertise in this field?

Davison: I am a marriage and family counselor and a pastor. I became saved at age 17, and was very open and obedient to the spirit of the Lord. He told me that if I dated any of the sisters in the church, I would do great damage to them because He said that none of them were my wife, so I listened. God then began to show me, even at that time, that He was not pleased with His daughters not having men in the church to marry. All I could do at that time was listen and pray; I didn't know that He was going to use me to write such an impacting book on the subject.

TWHS: What inspired you to write a book for single women? Why not single men?

Davison: I was inspirited by the spirit of the Lord to write some instructions to the daughters of the church because God our Father desires the best for us all. Besides that, my mother divorced my dad when I was in my early teens, and I saw the pain and devastation that it caused her and our family that remains with me even to this day. I vowed to the Lord that if He would allow me to live and marry that I would never cheat, beat or deceive my wife and that I would honor the institution of marriage. I also wrote it to prepare the women for the men that God is going to send into the church. The odd thing about it, I am a man's man; I minister better to men than I do women, but God chose me to complete this particular task in the Kingdom. But I do have something in the works for men as well.

TWHS: From your days as an NFL player, I'm sure you witnessed (and/or experienced) women compromising their self-worth. Why do you feel so many people chase celebrity?

Davison: Yes, as a pro athlete (or any person with money in the spotlight), you end up on the hit list for women who are more than willing to give their bodies in exchange for a baby, one night with a celebrity, or money. It's really sad because most of them are very beautiful and intelligent but have bought into the devil's lies and feel that their only way up is on their backs, degrading videos, magazines, etc.

I'm not bragging, but I never went to a party or on dates with any of them, whether I was single or married. And that includes my college days at Arizona State University (the so-called "party school"). Minds are so easily blown by someone who has money or in the music business because we make them [celebrities] stars or angels (in our eyes) and they influence the way we think, what we buy, what we ride in, drink, smoke or who we sleep with, which is why I feel that worldly celebrity is Satanic - it's his main weapon today. When President Clinton's sex sandal was brought to light, children across the nation felt as though oral sex was not sex but of course that's a lie. That's just one example of celebrity gone wild, you know?

TWHS: You call yourself a life coach for single women. In your consultations, do you see more women living single by choice or circumstance?

Davison: I'm sort of like what Mordecai was. He was a man, but not just a man - he was a relative of Esther. That's who I am; I am a spiritual relative of the single saved women in the Kingdom of our God. He guided Esther right into the King's heart and that's what I'm attempting to do is to teach single women how to win a King's heart. Most of our women are forced to live single, which is what upsets me. If they had some good prospects, more than 98% would get married in the blink of an eye. But with such poor pickings, the single life isn't so bad. More men are choosing men, whether openly or on the DL; no woman wants that! A woman wants and deserves a manly man who works hard and is not afraid of getting dirty and working on the car, cutting the grass and wrestling with his sons and teaching his daughters. A man that can keep his hands to himself (you know). Where are these men? What has happened?

Foolish, easy women are also the blame because if you refuse to give him some he can go to a foolish woman and get it. God is going to turn the tides - Get Ready!!!

TWHS: You are a man of faith. What advice would you give to a woman who is aggressively seeking a mate (clubs, chat rooms, speed-dating, etc.), instead of adhering to Proverbs 18:22?

Davison: In Genesis:8, Noah released two birds from the ark when he was touring to see if the waters had receded. One was a raven (a buzzard) and the other was a dove (a gentle, obedient bird). Once the raven left the ark it didn't return because it was happy to land on and eat the dead bodies in the water, it didn't care about the lack of water because of all the the flesh it could eat. On the other hand, the dove only had one appetite and that was pleasing the master of the ark. Women who find men in places like night clubs and chat rooms are more than likely going home with a raven.

But instead, single women need to consider the single man who checks their groceries, dry cleans their clothes, washes their cars, etc., who asks, "What church do you go to?". Your aroma of good works, joy and gentle spirit will make him follow you to the church and hopefully, you have a powerful pastor that knows how to draw men in and get them saved and working in the church. Then all you have to do is keep on praying, praising and living right and he will be yours. Trust that it is the will of God for YOU my sister to be married. Just like it is the will of God for you to be saved, healed, delivered and prosperous even so it is His will for you to be married. Demand it, pray it, know it and thank God for it. Get the book because there is Fatherly love, sound teaching and instructions that will anoint you with the anointing of marriage.

TWHS: Lastly, what would you advise to my readers who feel less than whole because of their marital status?

Davison: I would say that it is not a sin for you to desire to be married; it is your Father's will, so go for it by faith. But don't get discouraged, down or jealous because those are some of the things that will ruin your spiritual aroma and turn your perfume pungent. Lift your hands up right now and thank God for your Spiritual Fragrance that is going to attract the right man. Study Galatians:5 and participate living the Nine Fruits of the Spirit (which are taught in greater detail) in my book The Spiritual Fragrance of A Woman.