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Monday, September 03, 2007

Interview With Cecilie Toklum

TWHS: If you could sum up your collection's style in one word, what would it be, and why?

TOKLUM: I would have to use two words; impractically fantastic. Since I started with designing shoes, this has been the theme I have been working with.

TWHS: Describe the first pair of shoes you created, from the vision to completion.

TOKLUM: My inspiration was the actor Asta Nielsen, a certain feeling of bygone divas, and a little hint of Minnie Mouse. My initial thought was based on a classical stiletto and it also came out that way; with references to dancing shoes and a big bow on the back.

TWHS: If you were a style of shoe (stiletto, ballet flat, etc.), what shoe best describes your personality?

TOKLUM: Definitely stiletto! I rarely go anywhere without stilettos. I love the elegant feeling of stilettos and the power and feminine elegance it gives your personality.

TWHS: What should be in every woman's shoe closet?

TOKLUM: 120 MM silk pumps. If that's too high, 100 will do...

TWHS: Complete this sentence: A pair of Toklum heels makes a woman _________.

TOKLUM: Classic, powerful and complete, with a twist of avant-garde.


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